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Narrow It Down To The Zip Code Find a City by ZIP code. The list of all the Counties in Florida are given below in an alphabetic order. Each of the County have the linked to direct you to their comprehensive list of ZIP codes.

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ZIP codes can also be tricky since a donor may list her home address in some instances and her work address. ($1.3 million), New York ($873,000), Illinois ($304,000) and Florida ($295,000). After.

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Why is zip code data on an environmental science site? In 2002 I was working on a project that correlated pollution and income for zip codes across the United States. Visitors told me the data files were very useful so I left them on the site and now update the postal information on a periodic basis even though the focus of the site is.

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ZIP codes are numbered with the first number representing a certain group of U.S. states.The second and third numbers represent a region in that group of states or, in some cases, a large city. The fourth and fifth numbers representing a group of delivery addresses within that region. The main town in a region (if applicable) often gets the first ZIP codes for that region.

Florida Zipcodes: Click a Zip Code to see the map.

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State abbreviations and postal codes table from Alaska to Wyoming.. standard abbreviation is strongly preferred. The postal code abbreviation should be used only in mailing addresses. Featured Videos. Florida, Fla. FL. Georgia, Ga. GA.