Guest Post: Zombies Make Dangerous Neighbors

This concerns how to set up a pair of routers, in serial, as described in "is it safe to share my internet connection . .". I have tried to do this with two Linksys routers (different vintages) to provide an open connection for visitors/parents to a small non-profit school.

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I bought Secret of Mana and Zombies Ate My Neighbors on the Wii U via the older Wii virtual console.. But when I went to play, a message came up that I had to attach a "classic controller" or exit. So I went and bought the Wii u pro controller on the premise that it is supposed to replace the classic controller for the Wii u.

When I agreed to participate in zOctober I announced that I’d like to have a few other zombie-themed posts on my blog for the month. Not so many as in the Month of Zombies, you understand, but a sprinkling. Christine Morgan, who I met through Fae, agreed to write a zombie-themed guest post for me..

Guest post by Angela Clarke. As a huge zombie fan I often fantasize about when zombies rise and what I’d do.. the sound of our cat crunching its kibble the next floor down or the neighbors car door closing.. not to mention dangerous in the zombie world. You either have to [in my case.

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