How Brandon Kidwell Creates Double Exposure iPhone Photos

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Taking these elements into consideration you will find great ease in the following steps. I’ll say that 90% of the double exposure success and ease is dependent upon the photos you’re working with (that can be argued for any technique though mobile photography makes hiding mistakes easy with so many apps to work with so there are other ways).

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Brandon Kidwell is an incredibly talented iPhone photographer and a creative master of double exposure images. I’m really excited to share this interview, where you’ll discover more about Brandon and how he creates his captivating images with the iPhone. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

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You can simply leave a comment on this post to get one entry. If you want to increase your odds, you can submit a multiple exposure self portrait (a la Brandon Kidwell, who also has tutorials) for an extra entry. I thought it would be a fun way to encourage you to learn something new, if you’re not familiar with those techniques.

Brandon Kidwell is a talented photographer from Jacksonville, Florida who likes to experiment with the Double Exposure Photography. He creates surreal portraits by using the technique of superimposition two or more elements in order to create one photograph. These dreamlike portraits by Brandon are perfectly composed and intriguing.

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Fascinating double exposure portraits and photo manipulations by Brandon Kidwell. "Brandon Kidwell has the rare ability to write an entire book of stories in each and every photo he creates. Mind bending visual masterpieces that look like they would be on the dust jacket of a best selling novel, that convinced you to buy the.