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Have a plan so your household is ready to handle a hurricane or any other emergency.. Many people don’t think about disaster preparedness. Are you ready for the worst?. Master Life’s.

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"The emergency management working group allows entities that have a vested interest in developing and implementing emergency procedures and policies to work together," Swartz said. Keesler will continue the push for hurricane preparedness throughout hurricane season.

Are you ready? These games will test your know-how in a wide range of emergencies and teach you how to build the emergency kit. play disaster Master and Build a Kit online and order the Ready 2 Help card game today.

Getty A hurricane is fascinating because it is caused. Just as with any other form of disaster preparedness, you really.

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Property Management Tips: How to Prepare for a Hurricane By Tim Blackwell | Aug 31, 2012 Hurricane Isaac’s stormy path along the Gulf Coast this week serves as a sober reminder that this is hurricane season and that preparedness should be at the top of the list for multifamily property owners and managers everywhere.

This digital toolkit contains social media posts and links to graphics/videos hurricane preparedness and improve clear actionable information for individual and community preparedness. Hurricane Seasonal Preparedness Digital Toolkit |

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